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Issue No. 2: December 2009
Leaping into 2010

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Photo: Allen McCullough
Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Greetings from the Long State beneath Oregon! Before we launch into the new decade, I would like to first say "20Tien" is almost here! In addition to sharing a few updates with you, please find below Tien's Top 10 in the Past Ten.

Tien In 10:

1. Exhibit Hall of Fame: Tien will brave the Annual APAP Conference in NYC with a Showcase! Please find below Showcase details and Exhibit location.

2. Recession Special: $1 per note. Final Offer. Adagios available.

3. And, about the Music: Recording 'Mostly Transcriptions' CD on a 9 Foot Fazioli in February. This project is made possible by the sponsorship of Showcase Pianos | FAZIOLI and Blue Wave Productions in Vancouver, BC.

For those who missed or would like to revisit the First Issue of Tien E-Newsletter, click here! Tien Hsieh: E-newsletter

As I look forward to seeing you in the coming New Year, I thank you for enjoying the much anticipated Tien's December E-Newsletter!

Happy Holidays!

Meet Tien at:

Association of Performing Arts Presenters Annual Booking Conference (APAP)
January 8-11, 2010
Showcase: Friday, January 8, 2010
7:50 pm (following Opening Reception)
Location: NY Suite, 4th Floor
New York Hilton & Towers/ SMG Artists Showcase Suites
1335 Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave Between 53rd and 54th)
New York, New York, USA 10019
Rhinelander Hall - Booth 302 via Rachel Cohen - Cadence Arts Network
Tien will be at booth on Saturday, January 9 from 3:45-5:00 pm
Click Tien Hsieh for more details.
APAP Conference NYC 2010
Please contact 646.345.8535 during the conference.

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Recent News from a Beautiful State:

"What a joy it was to have Tien in Sandpoint once again! She'd dazzled the 2,000 plus crowd at our Festival at Sandpoint when she starred with the Spokane Symphony three summers ago. We were so pleased to bring her back for our Pend Oreille Arts Council Mainstage series in the historic Panida Theater on Friday, November 13. The crowd loved her! She received a standing ovation at intermission as well as at the conclusion of her concert!"
Pend Oreille Arts Council, Sandpoint, Idaho November 2009

"Tien has been one of the most professional artists I have had the good fortune of working with. Her preparedness and down to earth attitude is refreshing. Tien played to our rural community with a vigor and passion that is hard to define. Her devotion to the piano and stories of the music she plays is a manifest of love. Such an artist yet she is incredibly kind, humble and shared a humor that is quite contagious. We look forward to her return to Salmon."
Salmon Arts Council, Salmon, Idaho December 2009

"Tien Hsieh is a consummate artist at all times, but seeing her take ownership of the lobby of the Grove Hotel in Boise, ID when she took her seat at the grand piano as part of the Arts NW "Piano Blast" was a high point. Tien's artistry shone, and along with the other four piano artists in the Piano Blast, Tien awed that unlikely venue into respectful and delighted attention. The arts were on stage that night in a bustling lobby bar; out of the normal box indeed, but on stage nevertheless. Tien Hsieh was a big part of the magic that tossed the first ever Arts NW Piano Blast into Arts Northwest history."
Karen Hanan, Arts Northwest, Boise, Idaho October 2009

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About Outreach: Outreach programs are an integral aspect of the enrichment and educational experience. My programs are available for K-12, Universities/Colleges and all communities interested in cultural enrichment. The formats are flexible and range from lecture-recitals, symposiums, pre-concert talks, masterclasses to informal forums and round table discussions. Click Arts Northwest Cyber Stage - Tien Hsieh for a sample K-12 outreach outline.

Booking Inquiries: Tien Hsieh
E-mail: TienHsieh@aol.com
Telephone: 916.990.9134 (studio) 646.345.8535 (cell)

Tien Hsieh photo
Photo: Nor Cal Candids
Tien's Top 10 from the Past Ten:

2000 My First Contract: Beginner's Luck - A negotiation consisting of zero dialogue resulted in fee that was twelve times more than my initial offer.

2001 A Blistering Rhapsody: My beloved audience at sea clapped to Liszt's 2nd Rhapsody with accelerating speed while my fingers managed tricks with a mind of their own. After a race with no winners, a young girl of 6 years asked me "why do you play the piano?" Her embarrassed mother said, "I told you earlier, it's to make money."

2002 Wow at WAA: Thanks to a generous scholarship from California Arts Council, I appeared at my first booking conference (Western Arts Alliance) with a large banner rolled up in a super heavy duty Bass Pro Shop fishing rod holder. As a result of my 1st conference for western states, I was offered a residency in Vermont (very non-western state) and enjoyed a big burrito at the baseball game.

2003 Are we there yet? My trusted navigator Dad takes us into the unknown routes of the unfamiliar. A 2 hour drive to my concert turned into a 5 hour anxiety filled expedition into the woods. By 2:57 pm, we arrive at Guenoc Vineyards in Clearlake, California, where everyone stood, waiting outside with smiles and less than half full glasses of wine in hand. Thank goodness for Red Bull, we began the concert almost on time, at 3:03 pm.

2004 A Hungarian Fantasy: As the result of a prize from the Los Angeles International Liszt Competition, I had the honor of playing at the Old Liszt Academy-Liszt Museum in Budapest. To balance this honor, I received a citation from the Hungarian police for not knowing a commuter must have a hole punched for a paid ticket prior to entering the train. Following the tribute to Liszt with an All-Liszt program, I played the Beethoven Emperor Concerto at Redlands Bowl.

2005 Time for New Shoes: While onboard RSSC Voyager's World Cruise as headliner entertainer, dressed in formal attire, fans politely stared at my feet during a conversation in elevator. When I looked down, I notice my right foot was falling out of the two holes in my old, satin shoes.

2006 Welcome to Cyber Space: After much anticipation, I made sure to tell everybody I met and knew, "I finally have a website!"

2007 Rehearsal Shortcut: Due to tight schedules, minimal rehearsal of the Schumann Piano Quintet resulted in exciting and adrenaline-filled performances with Czech Republic's Graffe Quartet.

2008 Good Timing: A non-intermission recital at Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall, NYC, allowed just enough time for a brief encore, with 23 seconds to spare. The review: http://tienhsieh.com/images/tien-review.jpg

2009 Doing Justice: San Francisco approved of programming Liszt and Brahms. The review: Doing justice to both Liszt and Brahms

And the journey continues...

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