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Testimonials from Presenters

"From the moment she walked on stage, Tien Hsieh held the audience in rapt attention. She delivered a program covering a full gamut of emotions interspersed with down to earth anecdotes and descriptions of the music that engaged the audience and revealed the warmth of her personality. This was truly a highlight of this year's Festival."

John French, Artistic Director
Brookside Music Association
Midland, Ontario, Canada

"The recent concert by Tien Hsieh left the audience breathless with admiration. Her technical skills are amazing. Although this was the last concert of this year's season the audience is looking forward to her return in the future. This was her second performance in Lander, WY and it was so successful people are looking forward to a third one."

Marvin Brown, Booking Manager, LCCA

"Without a doubt the performance in Cody by Tien Hsieh was received with enthusiasm and awe, attributable to her professionalism and artistry. The gusto with which she plays defies description. The intricacies of the selections played were obviously the result of many years of training, commitment and practice. It has been such a pleasure to hear the positive comments from the concert attendees. Not only is Tien a gifted talent, but her pleasant and friendly personality radiates during and after the performance, capturing the appreciation of the audience and all those around her. We will look forward to having this talented artist in Cody soon again."

Rosemary Reno
Concert Artist Coordinator
Community Concert Association Cody/Powell

"Tien Hsieh stands out as one of the best performers in our classical series in the past several years. It is a rare treat to hear audiences still discussing the performance weeks afterward. Tien's intimate interpretation of Liszt and her powerful performance left the audience ready for more. She is a quintessential package of energy, passionate musicality and a warmly engaging g personality that made her concert an event not to be missed!"

Mark McCrary, Executive Director
The Ross Ragland Theater & Cultural Center
Klamath Falls, Oregon

"Not only can Tien Hsieh play difficult and appealing music with gusto, she can engage 150 high school students who had never experienced a concert pianist before. By delivering a few sentences with enthusiasm and humor, she had their rapt attention before she played a single note.

Sylvia Hunt, Executive Director
Caldwell Fine Arts
Caldwell, Idaho

"Tien Hsieh's technical skills are unequaled. She is a superb pianist."

Jane Rincon, Board Representative
Seacoast Entertainment Association
(formerly Florence Performing Arts), OR

"Celebrating its 26th season, the Water Music Festival, held annually in October on the Long Beach Peninsula of Washington, welcomed Pianist Tien Hsieh this past October. Tien's personality and sense of humor, her stage presence, her connection with her audience, and her exquisite artistry are all beyond remarkable. I am one of many who could have listened for hours and hours to her presentation and interpretation of intricate and compelling classical works.

Tien possesses a rare blend of exhibiting great talent while stirring the souls of those for whom she performs. This quality does not exist in all artists, and it is because of this combination that Water Music Festival would be eager to have her back time and time again. Concertgoers want to be entertained, they want to walk away happy and satisfied, they want good value, and they want their souls to be enhanced by the experience. Without a doubt, Tien achieves all this and more.

To any presenter being as fortunate as we were to be able to invite her to perform, I would only add this: Do so immediately - she is an outstanding performer and human being."

Diane Marshall, President of Board of Directors
Water Music Festival, WA

"Tien Hsieh evoked so many feelings in our community in such a short time! I have heard and experienced the power of music, of course, but so much more was happening this weekend, than just music. I have only been "back in town" for a day and, already, so many people have expressed many different reactions to the power of you. An e-mail came in from a concertgoer, expressing how you have added to his musical journey. And the list goes on...Thank you so much for sharing your incredible passion and personality with us. You have made a difference in our lives, our hearts and our futures. I am so thankful for what you brought and all that you left. You are making a difference in many lives. We look forward to welcoming you back to Raymond Theatre."

Virginia Carlson
Sunday Afternoon Live
Raymond Theatre, WA

"Tien Hsieh gave an unforgettable concert at the Chilkat Center for the Arts. Her performance ranged from beautiful, delicate whispers to heart-stopping storms of pure passion. Her absolute virtuosity was impressive, and her willingness to interact with the audience provided just the right kind of personal touch that made the evening so fulfilling. Personable, gracious, and fun-loving, Tien Hsieh is a presenter's dream and an audience's delight."

Tom Heywood
Haines Arts Council
Chilkat Center for the Arts, AK

"What a joy it was to have Tien in Sandpoint once again! She'd dazzled the 2,000 plus crowd at our Festival at Sandpoint when she starred with the Spokane Symphony three summers ago. We were so pleased to bring her back for our Pend Oreille Arts Council Mainstage series in the historic Panida Theater on Friday, November 13. The crowd loved her! She received a standing ovation at intermission as well as at the conclusion of her concert!"

Marilyn Sabella
Pend Oreille Arts Council
Panida Theater, ID

"I just wanted to say how awestruck and grateful I am for Tien's concert last night. She literally took my breath away (and her encore brought an upwelling of tears from god knows where). We are so unbelievably lucky to have had her perform in our little burg. Quite honestly, it was a perfect event. I want to congratulate you Mary for recognizing her amazing talent and bringing her here. Tien is on a scale of performers we have NOT seen in Salmon before. Ilona - thanks for adding your signature touch of class and elegance to the event. It was so gratifying to look around a full house and see many new faces enjoying a world-class performance presented by SAC"

Post concert audience email
Salmon Arts Council, ID

"Tien played to our rural community with a vigor and passion that is hard to define. Her devotion to the piano and stories of the music she plays is a manifest of love. Such an artist yet she is incredibly kind, humble and shared a humor that is quite contagious. Tien has been one of the most professional artists I have had the good fortune of working with. Her preparedness and down to earth attitude is refreshing. We look forward to her return to Salmon."

Mary Hogue-Cerise, Director
Salmon Arts Council, ID

"What a week-brightener your performance(s) at the Raymond Theatre were. Thank you for coming. ( ) said you made classical music exciting. We hung on to every note even though most of your selections were unfamiliar to us. Look forward to seeing/hearing you again."

Post concert audience email
Sunday Afternoon Live
Raymond Theatre, WA

"Tien was professional, talented and skillful on every level and the presenters were impressed with not only her level of performance, but also with her overall presentation and poise. If selected by you, I believe that Tien will be every well received and your presenting community will have the opportunity to experience a first class pianist who would enhance a season, cultural series or festival."

Karen Hanan, Executive Director
Arts Northwest, WA

"I highly recommend Tien Hsieh as not only a highly gifted and professional performer, but also as a thoughtful, dedicated, and reliable person who can juggle both artistic and business necessities of her work. Everyone who came to hear her, from professor of music to classical music enthusiasts in the community, were very taken by Tien's supreme artistry and unforgettable presence onstage. They were mesmerized, as I was too."

Lara Starcevich, Programming Director
Gunnison Arts Center, CO

"Tien Hsieh is an excellent young pianist who can offer a wide range of repertory played with enormous skill and involvement. She a strong and thoughtful musical personality that comes through in her music and is a great communicator. She is serious and at the same time one of the most pleasant and satisfying performers that we have ever presented. With enthusiasm and vigor, she spent 3 hours with a group of honors students who are not music majors talking about herself an playing and answering their sometimes very personal questions with poise. The concert that night was terrific! One experienced audience member commented that she should be at Carnegie Hall rather than UVM. Tien should have a huge career ahead of her as she has everything necessary to be a major performer. I have recommended Tien to several other presenters and would match her with any other pianist in the country. She is a splendid player who needs other opportunities to perform."

Jane Ambrose, Director
University of Vermont Lane Series

"Tien Hsieh is a vibrant, exceptionally talented young pianist who deserves many opportunities to perform. As director and owner of Sutter Creek Theatre, it has been our great pleasure to present Tien Hsieh. Her professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm are apparent in her presentation, both on and off stage. She is serious yet personable at the same time. We are looking forward to having her back as she has become a favorite in Sutter Creek."

Laura Damiani, Owner
Sutter Creek Theatre, CA

"Your performance more than met our aspirations with audience response that was very approving. I was very impressed with your ability to recreate some of the most difficult literature written for piano without the encumbrance of physical difficulty itself. In the audience, we hear the magic of the composer recreated on the spot as if it was just being composed. Your ability to communicate the music is a joy to hear."

Don Peterson, Artist Selection Chairman
Manteca Kindred Arts Concert Association, CA

"Tien Hsieh played an exciting all-Liszt program for Twin Cities Concert Association. The audience reaction was enthusiastic and she received a well-deserved standing ovation. She was very easy to work with and her attention to details in both performance and her pre-concert press package were exceptional. Working with Tien was a pleasure. I would recommend her highly and look forward to having her perform for TCCA again."

Ken Hardin, Artistic Director
InConcert Sierra (formerly TCCA), Grass Valley, CA

"I write to recommend Tien Hsieh as a superb classical pianist who has performed for our concert series on numerous occasions. Not only can she demonstrate fluent technical proficiency but she is sensitive to the nuances of the various composers she elects to perform. In Mozart she is crystalline, in Rachmaninoff and Scriabin she is lyrical and dynamic, in Beethoven she can probe his harsher and also his more humorous qualities....Although I have dealt with many piano soloists, I think Tien is one of the most professional and competent artists I have ever known....a superb concert pianist, marvelous technical skill but, at the same time, with great musicianship...I recommend Tien without reservation as a highly competent and inspired musician."

Robert Hayden, Artistic Director
Music at Oakmont, Santa Rosa, CA

"Just a note to tell you what a sensational success your concert was last Sunday when you played for us in the Oddfellows Hall to a full house. It was truly evident from your first selection of Beethoven that this was going to be a concert well remembered...the room fell silent as the audience listened in awe."

Judith Cuesta, Program Chairman
Music on the Divide, Georgetown, CA